1/144 RG Gundam Exia

I decided to the RG Exia next after I finished the RG GP-01 FB. I have been building a lot of the real grade line lately. This was the next kit that peaked my interest. I have also not built any mobile suits from Gundam 00 yet.

RG Exia

Compared to the GP-01 FB, does not seem to be very many runners with this one.
Exia runners 1 runners 2 runners 3 runners 4

The things that interest me the most about this kit, are the GN Blade runner and the fact its clear parts are already green for the most part. I have not dealt with cutting a part with a finish on it yet. So hopefully I will not botch it horribly. gn blade

I like how really shiny it is though. It was the part that made me purchase this kit over the High Grade 1/144 scale Exia.


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