RG Gundam Exia Legs.

Leg 1

Started on the Legs on this thing. Ran into a problem. Was doing the RG flex, making sure I can move with no problems by bending the limbs before adding armor parts to the inner frame. Right in the middle of it, this part pops out. and I cannot get back in. I was in the middle of flexing it and it was really stiff. I learned not to bend that part like that cause I did not touch it while constructing the other leg.

Leg 2

Not sure how to fix it, so I just ordered another leg. In case I can not repair it. This the worst RG Break I have had in a bit. Oh wait this is my 1st time breaking the inner frame. So lame……

The rest still went together ok.


leg 4

That is it for now. Next time upper body and I’ll be about half way through it.


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