1/144 HGAW Gundam Double X –

Starting Working on the HGAW Gundam Double X.

So far I have cut parts off the runner to be spray painted in seni-gloss black. I went with this color because I think it will got great with the white color that plastic is already molded in.

I have already spray painted some of the reflector panels. These Panels here go in between the legs and the on the arms.

The reflector panels that go on its backpack, I have only done on layer of paint on it so far. Which is kinda glossy black. I still have two more layers to paint on top of this one. A metallic and a clear yellow.

The beam rifle and the two satellite canons. Have been glued together to have their seam lines removed. I will detail them after I remove the seam lines from them.

I will do the rest of the construction of this model once I finish what I need to with these areas.


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