HGAW 1/144 Gundam Double X the rest of the model

The Beam Rifle and twin satellite cannons seam removal came out alright. I’ll have to try my other modeling cement and see if it does a better job of fusing parts together next time.

The chest went pretty good, the tamiya semi-gloss black is an excellent black color. I think it works quite well with the natural white of the model kit. Simple assembly, nothing to crazy here.

The arms went pretty good, though I did have some trouble getting one of the arm reflectors to stay in where it belongs, it came out pretty well.

The feet needed mad coloring. The foot vent and pistons I colored do not have any kind of sticker to go in its place. So I had to paint those details in.

The warning marks on the legs I painted here where pretty easy to paint. Since the bulk of the leg is in 3 parts. That marking is all white attached to the inner most leg piece. Cause it is not part of the top cover. It was easy to get the right look for it. The leg vents are attached to the sides of the leg and not to the top part of it. Making them also easy to paint.

This part was not as friendly as the legs were to deal with painting.

The finish up the two satellite cannon reflectors. This is 3 layers of paint. Semi Gloss Black, Chrome, and a Gold Paint.

All put together but the satellite cannon parts.

And on they go.

This came out better then I thought. I would definitely would build another one of these if given the chance to.


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