HGAW 1/144 Gundam X : Upper Half.

Well the previous GXs I have built on both of them. I pretty much went in the order of the Manual. Start on the Torso part and the do the backpack, then the arms. I start right away on the head. I figure the head sets the pace for the rest of the build.

The V Fin was pretty simple to sand away the excess plastic found on most HG V-Fins. I also Paint the eyes black so I can then paint the metallic paint over it and sand away the excess plastic on the rest of the head.

While I was waiting for the eyes and the head to dry on the areas I painted it. I start assembling the upper torso. I also paint the chest vulcans on the red area of the chest.

The blue area on the chest that is recessed a bit I paint it chrome to give it nice shine to it when the clear green part of the chest is put over it. The Eyes and Head cameras get painted green. The two humps on the upper blue part of the chest are hand painted purple. On the previous GX I built before I used the meta purple gundam marker on this spot. The chest vents are painted black. I did not think just using a gundam marker will cut it for the vents. I wait for it to dry and then put it all together.

The back pack was very easy to assemble. It isn’t that special. I do paint the vents on it with a steel metallic paint.

Here I painted the parts that were already purple. Purple so that they match the shade of the purple in the section of the body I just painted. I also paint the vents that go in the shoulders chrome. Then after they dry a bit I go over them with a very light black paint. It makes them look like they have seen a bit of use. I painted the back of the hands black cause I thought it makes them look a bit better.

All put together, Next time the lower half of the body.


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