HGAW 1/144 lower half and the satellite canon

The leg construction is pretty simple, nothing tricky about it. i do the feet 1st and the part of leg that creates the knee bend.

I paint the feet with some grey and give the foot thruster a metallic paint.

The rest of the leg assembly is pretty simple.

Now on to the Satellite Canon.

I noticed a seam on part of the canon which I do not like. So I use glue to remove the seam here.

Almost done with it. Now for the reflector panels.

I used the sticker this time around. But I tried out the one point technic from the Gundam X Maoh. I used a cut off q-tip end to push the stickers down in far so they would end up picking up the shape bumps from the inside of the reflector panel. Though I do not expect them to stay there forever, I am still set-up to be able to paint it.

Pretty much done next time I show the beam rifle a little something extra.


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