MG 1/100 GX-9900 Gundam X

So I decided that I would go ahead put this together anyhow.

The upper torso section was pretty simple to place together.

I did not attach the breast vulcan parts yet cause I did not want to take the chance of losing the parts when I take this apart to paint it. There are a few parts that I do this with.
The crotch section was not to amazing. Reminded of the crotches of other Master Grade Gundams I have built before long ago.

The legs and the feet I thought were pretty well done. I liked the way they pieced together.

The feet’s inner frame I actually dig. I thought it looked pretty cool.

The rest of the leg and the exposed frame.

Then I put the rest it together.

I do like how the red warning signs are separate parts on this kit. So the most i would have to do is paint black in some parts.

The weapons did not take me long either to put together.

The buster rifle has a neat gimmick to it. The two outer parts attach to the tabs near its middle. So it just has to be shifted to go into the Shield mode. No other parts or another beam rifle needed for it.

The reflectors for the satellite canon are pretty simple. But cause of how the clear parts go deep into them I did not place them on it yet. I do not want to mess up those parts by trying to dig them out before painting.

The Satellite Canon, shoulder vulcan, and beam saber.

Then I put all of those things on it. It does have some back weight issues, but it is not as bad as it could be.

Will get into painting this kit very soon I hope.


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