HGBF 1/144 Crossbone X1 Full Cloth Type.GBFT

I recently purchased this Gunpla from Banzai Hobby. I was surprised how fast it did arrive from japan since I made this purchase overseas.

I get greeted by a wall of stickers. The manual and a Crossbone Gundam manga ad (the HGUC Crossbone X1 I built before this one came with no ad in it for the manga). Also I did not realize this kit is molded in pearl. It reminded me of the Unicorn Gundam Pearl Clear model kits. I think they were movie exclusive kits if I remember right.

All of the white runners are pearled up.

I had photos of my work past this point but my tablet, saw to it otherwise….. but I do have my initial build finished before I take it apart and paint it.

Effect parts, yeah this has a decent amount of them.

Front shot

I will take this apart soon and begin painting it. I have no plans to use those stickers. It is a lot of stickers.


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