1/144 Scale REAL GRADE 00 Raiser – Head and inner frame.

In the midst of my work on the Ez-8. I did start work on the RG 00 Raiser. The 00 Raiser is actually 2 models in one package. The mobile suit 00 Gundam and the plane fighter like 0 Raiser. The two actually combine together to make the 00 Raiser.

So far I have done some head work and have painted up the body. The inside of the head is done in Gunmetal and the Eyes were done in a layer of black, then I did a metallic over the raised eye areas. Then I went over that spot with a clear green.

The body is all gunmetal over german grey. I placed the green stickers on the GN Condenser sections. I’m glad that removing all the armor off of this is easy, lol.


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