The Railguns and Wings of the HGCE Freedom Gundam

I had recently picked up the HGCE Freedom Gundam which is a part of the Revive line of the HGUC line of GUNPLA kits. It is 192, though cause it is 192 I do admit I am curious to what 200 might be. But anyway I did not start this kit my usual way. I tend to start with the head now a days. This kit I started with the Railguns and Wings cause I was curious to what was different about them.

The back part of the kit, unlike the other HG is 3 parts. These two gray pieces go together.

Then this dark piece goes on the back of the other two you put together.

It is certainly less parts then the RG, but it looks better then the old HG/RM so far.

The other half has a small double circle connection part that attaches the bigger section to the smaller section.

The two sections are then placed in between two white pieces. Then are folded up.

The backpack part for wings has a two peg connection on it. So it can connect to the back of the kit.

The the Plasma Cannons aren’t that bad at all. Not many pieces, so they did not take me long to construct. The one small section is three pieces. A grey part placed between two white parts. That part is placed between the two big pieces then the dark part goes over top of them in that spot with the vertical groves.

The Wings themselves look they use some ideas from both the RG and HG.

This part right here uses a grey piece that is a bit like the part off of the B runner of the RG Freedom Gundam. The blue piece being one piece and not being made of 6 pieces is different.

Then this wing section uses a tab connection like the RG does. So you have to line up the tabs and put them in.

Other two areas I put together go on that area of the wings pegs.

This side only has one peg on it. So it just goes in that hole.

Then you attach this peg to end of the small blue part with the two little pegs showing.

Then after doing it for the other side. They both attach into the backpack.

I do like the two pegs for the backpack. It looks like it can lead to pretty crazy ideas.


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