Getting back at it again.

I haven’t been as regular with my updates, due to the fact. I have just been busy dealing with other things going on in my life. I was working on my GBWC entry before I had some problems come up in my family.  I am just trying to get back on track now. Anyways I am in the process of finishing up the Origin Char’s Zaku II and starting work on my 1st commission build.  The way the Origin Char’s Zaku II is coming along was fine then I added some of the stickers. I think I might just remove some of them from the kit. Well the ones I feel look the most obnoxious to me. I still gotta finish up the weapons.

The Master Gundam is going through the construction phase right now. Once I put it together I will figure out all that I am doing to it. I have some ideas I want to implement on it.  After the Master Gundam is done I can then start work on Fuunsaiki. Which might take me a bit to figure out how I am going to mod it.

Later down the line before the end of the year, I am planning on doing an SD and doing some kits I have owned before to see how much my work has changed. Which I will run a poll for.


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