Updates and New kits.

Its been a bit since I updated. I recently got a job not too long ago. I was busy with work. The holiday season made it very busy for me. Before that I finished up the HGFC Shining Gundam and was almost done with the SD Ex Standard Aile Strike.

The Aile pack is now painted and all that is left to paint of it is the shield.

The Shining Gundam just needs its photoshoot done.

The HGUC Victory Gundam is pretty much done, but I did not like the dash pack that much. I am going to get it a different weapon. I was looking into a caldwitch for it, but I’m still searching around for a weapon.

The Barbatos is still not touched, I still am searching my house for the kit I need to take parts from for it. The master commish has been slowed up since I was hunting paints for it.

I recently did the Reddit Gunpla secret santa and I had recieved the MG Marasai as a gift from somebody.

I also bought the MG Wing Proto Zero.

I have some other kits coming in the mail. A MG Exia, MG Tallgeese, Revive RX178 MKIIs and a LED set to say a few. I thought it made the secret santa gift waayy more awesome since I had a LED set for it. I also have an Academy F-14 I bought a few weeks back. More kits to come soon.


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