WIP-MG 1/100 Marasai

Starting up 2016 is the MG Marasai I received as gift in the Reddit Secret Santa from Mattmunster. The Marasai is one of my favorite cyclops type mobile suits. I like the episode Reunion with the two marasai’s trying to act as one unit then it doesn’t work. The Marasai from Gundam U.C. is pretty cool too, to bad that the Sea Serpant weapon it was using in the episode it appeared in are on only the HG and P-Bandai Marasai Gundam UC kits. This is the initial build of this kit.

Going by the Manual order this time. So I start on the chest.

 photo IMG_20160104_135804_zpsj4zlhvsv.jpg

The Chest is the first thing to be built. Since I start out by placing the pilot in the seat and putting it together with the chest. I’m going to have a fun little trip taking it apart later to remove the pilot to paint it.
 photo IMG_20160104_135810_zpsnfsyukp8.jpg
 photo IMG_20160104_140750_zpsv9jy4hem.jpg

The way the shoulder works I think is pretty cool. But I’m guessing this comes from a kit way before it? I mean just the way it bends forward. I guess the 2.0 Zakus had this type of arm. I have one just haven’t looked at the manual like that yet.
 photo IMG_20160104_141825_zpsouutxgeb.jpg
 photo IMG_20160104_141850_zpsmzufo9lt.jpg

Then we just slide these on the previous section I put together. Add one part to secure them in. So far no real fights yet.
 photo IMG_20160104_142534_zpsm9qbqsra.jpg
 photo IMG_20160104_143002_zpsyu1khmlg.jpg

Til I start adding the darker red pieces. The Nubs on these parts are pretty annoying. They are pain to get clear. The salmon colored ones not so much.

 photo IMG_20160104_145237_zpsio1wt1bz.jpg

The first thing I do on the head is the green piping. These parts were annoying to cut and deal with. =_= They have large nubs on both sides after you take them off the runner. I try to clean up well. I probably need a better method for this one. The Zaku 2.0 runner with pipes looked more user friendly.
 photo IMG_20160104_160205_zps0a8ohzvb.jpg

I put together the rest of the head. I like the position of the mono eye control on it. That little grey tab lets you control which way the mono eye goes. I think that it is pretty neat.
 photo IMG_20160104_215904_zpsthdawtkl.jpg
Clear bottom for a LED to Shine through it.
 photo IMG_20160104_215853_zps787ghlww.jpg
I just finish the rest of it up.
 photo IMG_20160104_221256_zpsxccqbmrd.jpg
 photo IMG_20160104_221520_zpskd0kbqyv.jpg

Arm work time.
 photo IMG_20160104_223038_zpsgcmaum0y.jpg

 photo IMG_20160104_231905_zpsekjkbiev.jpg

I felt the arms were pretty simple. The shield for the arm on the other hand. I thought was a bit interesting. It has its own sort frame to it. It is cool. Deal with darker red nubs was annoying yet again but whatever. I’m painting this anyway.
 photo IMG_20160105_005300_zpsftbe3urf.jpg
 photo IMG_20160105_005323_zpszdo1e5pn.jpg

The other shoulder has the individual spikes for the round shoulder. That have to be cut off and put in one by one. But it is very easy to do. Upper body is  done.  The red pieces are annoying to deal with the nubs. Some felt like they could used some better placement. Still fun though . I did have that same issue with HGUC Unicorn Marasai too long ago. So I don’t think I should be too surprised.

 photo IMG_20160105_013311_zps2yohqhkf.jpg


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