WIP-MG Marasai the rest of it.

I finished up the top half not too long ago. Now for the rest of this kit.

The lower half:

Just one polycap in here. Another set of the tubes. Of course the front and back skirts. The back skirt does move on this.

The legs:

The cables here are one solid piece:

I added the rest of the armor, it is pretty simple nothing overly fancy here.

Put on the side skirts, they click on this kit.

I wanted to try out the individual moving finger hands. So I put one together. The regular hands for this kit use the finger swap ones, but it also comes with the individual flexing fingers.

I put on the top half and now it looks like.

Of course I have not finished up the backpack.

The backpack:

Initial build is all done, painting it is up next. The weapons were easy. The hands do have a hard time holding the beam rifle due to the fact, it has no slot like most of the newer kits that use these hands. It is just one small thing though. I plan on using a LED part in this model. That should be fun to figure out how to do.


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