MG Marsai – WIP: a break….

Well So far I have the upper torso all painted except the backpack. I have been using Testors one coat lacquers revving red and mythical maroon for the armor on this kit.
 photo IMG_20160120_175212_zps1dsrp24s.jpg
I still have finish painting the rest of it. I need to buy more paint for the rest of the armor on the skirts and the leg armor. Stripping the leg armor wasn’t easy for some reason, I did get it off though.
 photo IMG_20160120_175543_zpswkxgehcz.jpg
But not without incident. While trying to take off leg off the crotch part. I did get it out. But it fell out of my hand fell on the floor and then ended up breaking the little rutter thing on the bottom of the leg.

 photo IMG_20160120_175651_zpsuxwrfrkk.jpg

So now I get the fun of trying to fix it or just going without it. I did continue on from it. I have to think about how i will fix it.

I painted the feet, I just kept it simple. just brought out some details, like the pistons on the feet. The feet and legs have a coat of testors diamond dust on them.
 photo IMG_20160123_104416_zps31mj09zm.jpg

Then legs were also painted and detailed a bit, I ended up painting the joint between the upper and lower leg an enamel flat steel.

 photo IMG_20160123_221008_zps77rkwgr6.jpg

Tubes on the back of the leg gundam marker meta green.

 photo IMG_20160124_001829_zpslu8dpylu.jpg

That was about all I got done before the weather went bad (it is also what is slowing down my work on the Master Gundam). I ended up snap building another kit. It is nothing special since the build gets posted like a billion times.

 photo IMG_20160123_113618_zps3wswmkip.jpg
The MG Strike ver. RM is the next kit I will be working on once I get this Marasai finished. I might make some changes to this kit. Depends on how motivated I am.


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