Finally had the chance to wrap this kit up. The weather stopped being all snowy for a bit…. So I sprayed up the rest of the leg armor and the backpack. I do like how it came out colors wise. I didn’t like to look at that salmon pink like that. I kept kinda of the same color tone. Just without that salmon color.

 photo IMG_20160130_233046_zps4dalgx8u.jpg

 photo IMG_20160130_233111_zpsfnelqfdo.jpg

 photo IMG_20160131_110845_zpsib4crbxa.jpg

This whole kit was painted just using Testor’s one coat lacquers with some enamel, acrylic, and gundam marker touch ups. The lighter red armor was painted with revving red and the dark red armor was painted with Mythical Maroon. The inner frame was graphite dust. The beam rifle and the inner frame of the backpack with painted in graphite dust. I do like the way these colors look on certain gunpla’s. I still prefer the Tamiya TS over these. I thought that they worked well for this particular project. I just wanted to make sure I had another option to use for sure. In the instance I could not at the time shell out all that money for Tamiya spray paints. It would be great though if they would start carrying more Tamiya Sprays at places like Hobby Lobby other then the two primers. Unless its just my hobby lobby that doesn’t carry them. Anyway, I started on the MG Aile Strike RM. I might though put it aside for a bit though and work on something else. Til I feel ready to come back to it.


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