MG Turn A WIP: Head work

On the MG Turn A I decided to deal with the seams on the head of this kit. I felt the seam was pretty awful. So I had to take the head apart again to deal with a few things before I sealed it up.

I take off the mustache of the Turn-A Gundam’s face. I am just pushing down on it from the thickest part in the center of it. I do not want to break it. This just my way of being careful about it.

 photo IMG_20160206_105643_zps9aumuniv.jpg

(knife is just pointing to wear I pushing on it with my finger.)
 photo IMG_20160206_105702_zpshvaeqryn.jpg

I have to remove these parts from the top of the head or else I will have a harder time separating the two pieces of the head.
 photo IMG_20160206_105728_zpsihlx4jkt.jpg

 photo IMG_20160206_105754_zpsqsuh3pfw.jpg

I used my fingernail as a wedge to actually spilit these two pieces. I didn’t want to use the knife to do it. I want to limit how much repair work I have to do.

 photo IMG_20160206_105849_zpsbisaime1.jpg

Then slide the Yellow part that the eyes and goatee attached to then just take those off too.

 photo IMG_20160206_105918_zpsyh8ak0qx.jpg

 photo IMG_20160206_110030_zpsczo0pjqk.jpg

I used a Gold gundam marker on the back of the eyes. It is what I painted the eyes on the SD EX Standard Aile Strike with.

 photo IMG_20160206_111902_zps4q6lxx0o.jpg

 photo IMG_20160206_111922_zpswfcozi62.jpg

Then all those parts go back together again. The Gold changes the way eyes look when light hits them. It does come with a sticker that creates a silver backing to them. But I didn’t like it.

 photo IMG_20160206_113003_zps0lshvmqc.jpg

I applied testors model glue to both sides of the head and then hold them together really tight til I see glue popping out a bit. I let that dry for a bit.

 photo IMG_20160206_113246_zpsvqx26xhi.jpg

I sand the piece til I do not see the seam anymore and it is pretty smooth.

 photo IMG_20160206_115241_zpslejrl0tj.jpg

I like the white color on this kit. I really will not have to mask anything on this head so far. But it is all ready to be glosscoted and panel lined.

 photo IMG_20160206_120031_zpsyawifski.jpg

More MG Turn A work to come.

 photo IMG_20160206_115743_zpsxydw1pjm.jpg


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