MG Wing WIP and updates

So after I finished the MG Wing Gundam. I am changing the direction I am going with it by wrecking it a bit. Starting with the face. I chipped, bent put a few holes in it and chopped a few parts to give it a slightly more used look.

 photo IMG_0531_zpsdnok9dky.jpg

So far I think it looks alright. I will start on the chest section next once I get done working on the face.

I have a bit of backlog of kits now. Not including the ones that have not arrived yet.

 photo IMG_20160708_161006_zpsk95za4v4.jpg

A few of these have been snapped together, but a lot of them are still on the runners. I am not sure when I will start the Nu Gundam ver ka. I was thinking near the fall season for it. The next kit I am in the process of finishing is the RG 00 Qan(t). After I am done with that. I might end either doing the Full Armor Unicorn or the Delta Gundam Unit 2. Unless I change my mind or something. I have more time now again to put into my builds. Which is cool now that I have a bit of a backlog. Stay tuned for more WIPs.



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