Updates and Commission WIP

Been working on the Gunpla Evolution Project HGUC 1/144 Zeta for a bit now. The original idea I had just involved inscribing.
(the Zeta Gundam’s look before I started changing its appearance)

Then I got the idea to add some of  Seira Masuo’s raised detail ideas to the build of this kit. I selected a few of his ideas. But I did revamp a few that I felt looked better to me. Added little raised details to some spots of the chest, placed  raised details to the head and across the body. Changed up the appearance of the eye area of the Zeta Slightly. I also chiseled away some of the head armor around the face area. To make the face stick out just a little more.


(Close up of some of the work, I did to the Zeta’s head)


(Middle of the road work in progress shot of the Zeta)

This build I ended up using a lot ideas from model builds I have from other model builders. As well as some ideas from artwork, I have seen.  So far I am at least liking how the ideas I decided to try out worked on this build.  Well defiantly be good to try them out again on my next projects.


(The Zeta Gundam’s current state)

Commission Work: HGFC Master Gundam and Kokuoh?


Restarted up this commission piece, after receiving the go ahead. This work is custom color paint job of the Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. The Master Gundam is going to be painted in the colors of Bant from Magic the Gathering. While Fuunsaiki gets a paintjob that is very much like Kokuoh from HNK. So far no real mods to this project. More updates later.


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