MG Deathscythe ~ WIP

 photo 20161206_232200_zpse6vg0j5l.jpg

Just finished up doing my initial snap build of the Master Grade Deathscythe from the Glory of Losers manga. The design is different from the tv series one. While it still retains familiar gimmicks that the Deathscythe has. Like the  MG 1/100 scale XXXG-00W0 Wing Proto Zero I did last year. The plan for this one is to paint this kit in the tv color scheme. But I’m probably not going to do that, will at least be exactly with it.  I’m thinking of using black in the places with dark blue. The head, I’m still on the fence with. Might change the color or leave it exactly the same. I’m looking to try to squeeze in another Glory of Losers Model kit in after this. I do plan on building all of the mobile suits from this line that have regular releases in the Master Grade line. So be on the look out for the next one I do.

MG Wing WIP and updates

So after I finished the MG Wing Gundam. I am changing the direction I am going with it by wrecking it a bit. Starting with the face. I chipped, bent put a few holes in it and chopped a few parts to give it a slightly more used look.

 photo IMG_0531_zpsdnok9dky.jpg

So far I think it looks alright. I will start on the chest section next once I get done working on the face.

I have a bit of backlog of kits now. Not including the ones that have not arrived yet.

 photo IMG_20160708_161006_zpsk95za4v4.jpg

A few of these have been snapped together, but a lot of them are still on the runners. I am not sure when I will start the Nu Gundam ver ka. I was thinking near the fall season for it. The next kit I am in the process of finishing is the RG 00 Qan(t). After I am done with that. I might end either doing the Full Armor Unicorn or the Delta Gundam Unit 2. Unless I change my mind or something. I have more time now again to put into my builds. Which is cool now that I have a bit of a backlog. Stay tuned for more WIPs.


MG Turn A and new things

IT has been a bit a since I’ve updated. On the last post I did. I removed the seam line from the head of the MG Turn-A. Also painted its eyes and the symbol on its head. After that I started painting the inner frame of the body of it.

 photo IMG_20160220_012801_zpsu11yc80l.jpg

It is painted in tamiya gunmetal. It was hand painted on it. Then I gave everything a glosscote to protect what I’ve done so far.

 photo IMG_20160221_221926_zps9rtvu0q4.jpg

I was going to start on the weapons and then I got the flu. I did get some things in the mail. A new kit and an airbrush and just snapped some things together.

 photo IMG_20160226_221449_zpsqxikrptl.jpg
 photo IMG_20160227_143749_zpsgv85okaf.jpg

I recently got the ok to go back to work. So I should have more updates on builds and such soon. Keep your eyes open.

 photo IMG_20160223_085728_zpsy9jpmefm.jpg


Finally had the chance to wrap this kit up. The weather stopped being all snowy for a bit…. So I sprayed up the rest of the leg armor and the backpack. I do like how it came out colors wise. I didn’t like to look at that salmon pink like that. I kept kinda of the same color tone. Just without that salmon color.

 photo IMG_20160130_233046_zps4dalgx8u.jpg

 photo IMG_20160130_233111_zpsfnelqfdo.jpg

 photo IMG_20160131_110845_zpsib4crbxa.jpg

This whole kit was painted just using Testor’s one coat lacquers with some enamel, acrylic, and gundam marker touch ups. The lighter red armor was painted with revving red and the dark red armor was painted with Mythical Maroon. The inner frame was graphite dust. The beam rifle and the inner frame of the backpack with painted in graphite dust. I do like the way these colors look on certain gunpla’s. I still prefer the Tamiya TS over these. I thought that they worked well for this particular project. I just wanted to make sure I had another option to use for sure. In the instance I could not at the time shell out all that money for Tamiya spray paints. It would be great though if they would start carrying more Tamiya Sprays at places like Hobby Lobby other then the two primers. Unless its just my hobby lobby that doesn’t carry them. Anyway, I started on the MG Aile Strike RM. I might though put it aside for a bit though and work on something else. Til I feel ready to come back to it.

MG Marsai – WIP: a break….

Well So far I have the upper torso all painted except the backpack. I have been using Testors one coat lacquers revving red and mythical maroon for the armor on this kit.
 photo IMG_20160120_175212_zps1dsrp24s.jpg
I still have finish painting the rest of it. I need to buy more paint for the rest of the armor on the skirts and the leg armor. Stripping the leg armor wasn’t easy for some reason, I did get it off though.
 photo IMG_20160120_175543_zpswkxgehcz.jpg
But not without incident. While trying to take off leg off the crotch part. I did get it out. But it fell out of my hand fell on the floor and then ended up breaking the little rutter thing on the bottom of the leg.

 photo IMG_20160120_175651_zpsuxwrfrkk.jpg

So now I get the fun of trying to fix it or just going without it. I did continue on from it. I have to think about how i will fix it.

I painted the feet, I just kept it simple. just brought out some details, like the pistons on the feet. The feet and legs have a coat of testors diamond dust on them.
 photo IMG_20160123_104416_zps31mj09zm.jpg

Then legs were also painted and detailed a bit, I ended up painting the joint between the upper and lower leg an enamel flat steel.

 photo IMG_20160123_221008_zps77rkwgr6.jpg

Tubes on the back of the leg gundam marker meta green.

 photo IMG_20160124_001829_zpslu8dpylu.jpg

That was about all I got done before the weather went bad (it is also what is slowing down my work on the Master Gundam). I ended up snap building another kit. It is nothing special since the build gets posted like a billion times.

 photo IMG_20160123_113618_zps3wswmkip.jpg
The MG Strike ver. RM is the next kit I will be working on once I get this Marasai finished. I might make some changes to this kit. Depends on how motivated I am.

Commish work and revisiting some kits.

So far I’ve just been doing seam work and changes to some parts of the body of the Master Gundam. I did try changing the positions of the little tabs on the skirt.

I did try gluing them there, but it didn’t hold so I just removed the parts altogether to add more mobility. Then of course I dealt with seams which went alright.

I have started getting some kits I had before again. That I ended parting ways with a bit ago. I restarted up with the HGFC Shining Gundam and I have a HGAC Wing Zero on the way. The Shining Gundam is a second time around attempt. This will be the 3rd HGAC Wing Zero.

I finished the snap build of the Shining Gundam already.

More to come later.

Getting back at it again.

I haven’t been as regular with my updates, due to the fact. I have just been busy dealing with other things going on in my life. I was working on my GBWC entry before I had some problems come up in my family.  I am just trying to get back on track now. Anyways I am in the process of finishing up the Origin Char’s Zaku II and starting work on my 1st commission build.  The way the Origin Char’s Zaku II is coming along was fine then I added some of the stickers. I think I might just remove some of them from the kit. Well the ones I feel look the most obnoxious to me. I still gotta finish up the weapons.

The Master Gundam is going through the construction phase right now. Once I put it together I will figure out all that I am doing to it. I have some ideas I want to implement on it.  After the Master Gundam is done I can then start work on Fuunsaiki. Which might take me a bit to figure out how I am going to mod it.

Later down the line before the end of the year, I am planning on doing an SD and doing some kits I have owned before to see how much my work has changed. Which I will run a poll for.