MG Deathscythe~part 2

 photo 20161211_222450_zpsjmjn2doc.jpg

Painted the head. Kinda kept it close to the tv version color scheme. Added grey to break up the black some. I like the way it looks. The eyes came out pretty good.

 photo 20161212_010344_zpsq4mvrit9.jpg

The neck area part. I painted a black base and carefully sprayed white over it. It gives it a bit of shaded look.

 photo 20161212_011506_zpsm455tsam.jpg

The backpack I turned from a dark blue to white. The thrusters done in chrome silver. In the front of the backpack vents use the color too. With the surrounding part done in black.

 photo 20161212_013117_zpsest8vghj.jpg

The chest was pretty easy to paint. The parts were pretty easy to paint since it required very little masking for me to do. Still more painting to go. But so far it is coming along pretty smoothly.

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Updates: Projects

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Figure Rise Standard Frieza

HGUC 1/144 F91 Gundam F91

Finished Up:

HGUC 1/144 RX-93 Nu Gundam

I am looking to get another Figure Rise Standard  or Bust Kit. The line has caught my interest a bit. Not sure if I am working on anything else well at least this month. That will not be a quick build. Though I might do a few of them.


Lurking in the works.

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Just some updates of what  has been going on. I have a MG Crossbone Gundam X1 ver ka, just have been keeping the kit pretty simple. No mods to it really. Looking to finish it up in a couple weeks.

 photo IMG_20160517_011118_zpseyshoadi.jpg

I did purchase a Gouf Revive. Which is almost done. The seams that the shoulder armor did have. I have removed them from it. The kit is at a point that it just needs a topcoat put on it.
The Shizouka hobby recently ended revealing some interesting kits this year. I was completely impressed with the Hyaku shiki revive. So I am planning on building that. I’ve been waiting since the Qubeley was annouced to get this. I am still not sure if I want the RG Sinanju or not yet. While it is neat that kit uses a plated gold and gloss red for parts. I do not think I am that big of a fan of the suit. I am on the fence about that one.

 photo IMG_9628_zpsczglsrx6.jpg
The Hyaku Shiki revive on the other hand. Is looking awesome. It doesn’t really need to be gold plated. I am glad they are using some of the gimmicks from the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0. The interchangable heads are pretty cool. I am soo using the search mode face. Overall the show was not too bad at all. Still have a Force Impulse to get and a Gyan.

Cause my work schedule has me soo busy. I am going to change the way stuff works on here soon. The update posts may be a bit less now. The way finished kits go up will remain the same. The posts about WIP and Etc. Are going to shrink a bit. Cause it will be simpler for me to maintain. I so far though do not plan on changing the Layout at all though.

A little bit free from work.

My current job has been taken up a lot of my time these days but I do have some updates on models I have been working on. The RG Wing Gundam EW I started spray painting it a couple weeks back. I went with Italian Red for the red and a Dark Blue. I ended up running out of Dark Blue. So I am waiting to get more of it.

 photo IMG_20160328_045731_zps5lmbni2b.jpg

MG Exia, I ended starting up to relieve stress from work. I did encounter the loose joint problem with the ankles. I managed to stiffen joints there. I did paint most of the kit. What remains is the other weapons and pilot figure. Have to get batteries for the GN Drive. Plan on using LEDS for the chest and GN drive.

 photo IMG_20160407_231504_zpsmjqunh9u.jpg

I will not be able to post as much cause of my job. But I will update when I can and put up finished kits.

New kits and what I’ve been working on.

Well after weeks of waiting I finally got back to work on the MG Turn A. But wasn’t cause I was off from work. I had the Flu.. So I was unable to do the top coat. Only to find out after I do the top coat and started paneling. That the Testors gloss top coat decided it was time to act up on me. It got all gummy.

 photo IMG_20160306_231939_zps9c2sfode.jpg

It set me back so much. By the time I start to look at the kit again.. I do not want to look at the kit. I wanted to smash it. Part of it was it reminded me of my frustrations with the flu I got. That is just part of it. I know I’m not buying the regular Testors glosscote anymore after this experience again. Yea, again. I have bought this top coat for two projects before. One was the HGCC Turn-A which I ended up parting with once the top coat reactivated the paint below it completely. Which was very odd. Cause it never did that before. It also had a bad affect on my 1st RG Gundam MKII. The MG proto zero is the only other Testors Top coated kit. It top coated with the wet look top coat. It doesn’t seem to give me as much stress as the regular glosscote.

 photo IMG_20160306_232046_zps6ohvevug.jpg

The top coats have slightly different appearences to them. The top coat on the MG Turn A is the regular blue can glosscote. While on the Proto Zero is the one coat laquer wet look glosscote.

 photo IMG_20160306_232117_zps5ppr6lnk.jpg

So after that nightmare all over again. I’m pretty much done with the MG Turn A. But this is what is going on. MG Aile Strike ver. RM and the MG RX-78-2 Gundam 2.0 I’ve been working on for a bit and they are both almost done. The RX-78-2 2.0 Is pretty out of box.

 photo IMG_20160306_232633_zpsve5mscrm.jpg

The Strike Gundam Ver. RM has had its inner frame painted and I’m still deciding on whether or not I’m going to use the Aile Striker pack. I might get something completely different for it.

 photo IMG_20160313_034520_zps90n7aqvm.jpg

The 1/144 HGBF Wing Gundam Fenice is going through the eyeballing stage. It is pretty much done.

 photo IMG_20160313_034339_zpshm868piu.jpg

I have recently got a bunch of transforming kits. More hand option sets.

 photo IMG_20160310_215741_zpszyygsn4i.jpg

The RG Wing Gundam EW is the next build I will be updating on. It is one I already have assembled before. The second one will started on a bit later into summer.

 photo IMG_20160313_130648_zpscyhmbcjf.jpg

So many transforming kits. I’m looking forward to clearer weather.

MG Turn A WIP: Head work

On the MG Turn A I decided to deal with the seams on the head of this kit. I felt the seam was pretty awful. So I had to take the head apart again to deal with a few things before I sealed it up.

I take off the mustache of the Turn-A Gundam’s face. I am just pushing down on it from the thickest part in the center of it. I do not want to break it. This just my way of being careful about it.

 photo IMG_20160206_105643_zps9aumuniv.jpg

(knife is just pointing to wear I pushing on it with my finger.)
 photo IMG_20160206_105702_zpshvaeqryn.jpg

I have to remove these parts from the top of the head or else I will have a harder time separating the two pieces of the head.
 photo IMG_20160206_105728_zpsihlx4jkt.jpg

 photo IMG_20160206_105754_zpsqsuh3pfw.jpg

I used my fingernail as a wedge to actually spilit these two pieces. I didn’t want to use the knife to do it. I want to limit how much repair work I have to do.

 photo IMG_20160206_105849_zpsbisaime1.jpg

Then slide the Yellow part that the eyes and goatee attached to then just take those off too.

 photo IMG_20160206_105918_zpsyh8ak0qx.jpg

 photo IMG_20160206_110030_zpsczo0pjqk.jpg

I used a Gold gundam marker on the back of the eyes. It is what I painted the eyes on the SD EX Standard Aile Strike with.

 photo IMG_20160206_111902_zps4q6lxx0o.jpg

 photo IMG_20160206_111922_zpswfcozi62.jpg

Then all those parts go back together again. The Gold changes the way eyes look when light hits them. It does come with a sticker that creates a silver backing to them. But I didn’t like it.

 photo IMG_20160206_113003_zps0lshvmqc.jpg

I applied testors model glue to both sides of the head and then hold them together really tight til I see glue popping out a bit. I let that dry for a bit.

 photo IMG_20160206_113246_zpsvqx26xhi.jpg

I sand the piece til I do not see the seam anymore and it is pretty smooth.

 photo IMG_20160206_115241_zpslejrl0tj.jpg

I like the white color on this kit. I really will not have to mask anything on this head so far. But it is all ready to be glosscoted and panel lined.

 photo IMG_20160206_120031_zpsyawifski.jpg

More MG Turn A work to come.

 photo IMG_20160206_115743_zpsxydw1pjm.jpg