Commission Work

Opening up for commissions.  I can do painting, modifications, and some custom details. Waterslide decals and dry transfers are no problem.  I am not planning on resin anime figures just yet. Even though I do have some experience working on them. Gunpla right now is an open option.  1/144 HG kits, 1/100 MG/RE kits, and 1/144 RG kits are things I am open to working on. I am not sure at the moment about doing custom kits using parts from other kits just yet. The option is still open to me though to a degree, so it can be discussed.  There is a full list below of all the different types of model kit projects I can work on.


Price is the cost of the model kit+paints+service.  In some cases parts, if aftermarket parts are to be used they will be factored into the cost.   The total price will not just be the price of the kit. So much time and work goes into even the most basic paint jobs. A concept or idea of what you want is a big help. Once the details are agreed upon. Then I can start work.

Build times will vary depending on what is being done to the kit. So just do not expect me to finish any project within a day. Then started working on the next one in the line.  And I not skipping over any ones projects either. All projects go in the order I get them in.

Model will sent through the USPS Priority Mail and can very by the size of the project. All kits will be packed with bubble wrap and marked as fragile. Insurance is an optional cost to the shipping cost.

Updates will be made on here and you will be able to see what is going on with your project.

I sometimes get very busy spells, so there may be some days I will not be able to work on your kit. It will take me some time, but I will finish your kit.

Payments will be sent to me through PAYPAL. All sales are final.

Types of kits:

Gunpla (1/144 HG, 1/100 MG, 1/144 RG Gunpla)

Bandai Star Wars Ship Kits (vehicle model, 172)

Figure-Rise Standard

Plamax 1/20 scale figure

I will have only so many slots open for commission. Cause there are also kits I wanna work on for my own collection. So I do not wanna get too clogged down.  My contact email is: You can reach me there with  the details of what model kit you wish for me to work on for you.


  1. 1/144 HGFC Master Gundam and Fuun Saiki