1/144 HGAC Wing Gundam Zero

 photo 20161130_233135_zps6bdcycuz.jpg

 photo 20161130_233224_zpsjgcuf4pd.jpg

 photo 20161130_233146_zpsi7gj8thq.jpg

 photo 20161130_233545_zpsswbybp7i.jpg

 photo 20161201_000758_zpstyh9si2v.jpg

 photo 20161201_002146_zps1gxy5vjr.jpg

 photo 20161201_005240_zpsgae82sai.jpg

 photo 20161201_005146_zps5fdb85gh.jpg

 photo 20161201_000758_zpstyh9si2v.jpg

 photo 20161201_003034_zpsyok6wrci.jpg

 photo 20161201_002146_zps1gxy5vjr.jpg


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