1/144 HGBF Wing Gundam Fenice

 photo IMG_20160329_063608_zpsayfjq61m.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_063705_zpso87lqray.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_063737_zpspty4xca8.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_063800_zpsdqh1dolo.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_064235_zps8nvgwtd6.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_064515_zpsiby3jmfz.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_065247_zpsz0u9wkvt.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_064906_zps3wqd0ttw.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_065418_zps1fecmw0t.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_065944 1_zpsf2dzuojx.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_070111_zps93ruqnlr.jpg
 photo IMG_20160329_070416_zpsjl8dot7r.jpg


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