1/144 HGFC GF13-017NJII God Gundam

 photo 20170205_012903_zpstdrca76b.jpg

 photo 20170205_012924_zpsausqdrw5.jpg

 photo 20170205_012947_zpswpuydkst.jpg

 photo 20170205_015119_zpshoyiciuo.jpg

 photo 20170205_020256_zpszgjeqk0x.jpg

 photo 20170205_022708_zpsd3snafuj.jpg

 photo 20170205_022531_zpsskahalue.jpg

 photo 20170205_020811_zpsa4v3bbfm.jpg

 photo 20170205_023158_zpstsbykksb.jpg

 photo 20170205_023725_zpsys1c0uoo.jpg

 photo 20170205_024538_zps5tf1cdvt.jpg

 photo 20170205_024821_zpsfpuwqqrg.jpg

 photo 20170205_025246_zpszglfw0tv.jpg

 photo 20170205_025458_zps98ffloeg.jpg

 photo 20170205_030059_zpsoueyshos.jpg


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