1/144 HGUC 202 RGM-79[G] GM Ground Type

 photo 20170223_225249_zpszgimasns.jpg

 photo 20170223_225310_zpsbqkpn5oj.jpg

 photo 20170223_225912_zpsewlnpemn.jpg

 photo 20170223_225936_zpski9tqbsu.jpg

 photo 20170223_230001_zps4ncmdfvj.jpg

 photo 20170223_231919_zpscz4akt3z.jpg

 photo 20170223_231234_zpsf3mty8jm.jpg

 photo 20170223_231405_zpsd5kthnmk.jpg

 photo 20170223_232904_zps7hudamrx.jpg

 photo 20170223_235707_zpsjyzhqcqw.jpg

 photo 20170224_000223_zpsso9pfemk.jpg

 photo 20170224_000333_zpsxmwnxvmj.jpg

 photo 20170223_234850_zpsp1ljpfji.jpg

 photo 20170223_235519_zpsyocigux0.jpg

 photo 20170223_224852_zpsr6wa6nhh.jpg


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