1/144 HGUC Hi Nu Gundam

1/144 High Grade Universal Century Hi Nu Gundam custom build

 photo 20170525_221356_LLS_zpsjsvgsdpx.jpg

 photo 20170525_221520_LLS_zpso2blrvxt.jpg

 photo 20170525_221423_LLS_zps687iozax.jpg

 photo 20170525_221447_LLS_zps3rlyujmz.jpg

 photo 20170525_184837_RichtoneHDR_zpskqpq4ntg.jpg

 photo 20170525_184757_RichtoneHDR_zpscuzvmla8.jpg

 photo 20170525_194306_RichtoneHDR_zpsgsaaf7jb.jpg

 photo 20170525_194949_RichtoneHDR_zpsh6wa82cb.jpg

 photo 20170525_203100_RichtoneHDR_zpsqmjtj8l8.jpg

 photo 20170525_203942_RichtoneHDR_zpskvr7kdco.jpg

 photo 20170525_204535_RichtoneHDR_zpsxfpcrlzv.jpg

 photo 20170525_211854_RichtoneHDR_zpshhla9qj6.jpg


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