194 HGUC 1/144 RX-178 Gundam MKII (REVIVE)

 photo IMG_20160213_014546_zpsg80k4bb3.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_014630_zpss2bnsxwf.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_014747_zpsycxtlios.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_014805_zpsl5pwpnbr.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_015433_zpsin5tl8em.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_015840_zpsror4t7jj.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_015923_zpsuzqm6zyd.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_021748_zpscqxe4tq6.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_022421_zpslwd8kgjd.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_024518_zpsjk2th1pp.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_023358_zpsmncs7lzw.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_020054_zpst92khp0t.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_020125_zps0jkzscqj.jpg

 photo IMG_20160213_022802_zpsnuubdlb6.jpg


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