Master Grade XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai Kai

 photo IMG_20160605_181026_zpsd9kcjvij.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_181113_zpsgfp2mxmm.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_181043_zpshma7wtnt.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_181359_zpszn0gidhi.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_183237_zpsphqj5rgh.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_185649_zpsundup8ll.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_184748_zpsfh8cropc.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_183734_zpsqfcd2bji.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_182428_zpsunevxddp.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_190407_zpsbjy0ko4l.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_184251_zpseoa4swna.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_184448_zpscwhvxwua.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_190114.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_185810.jpg

 photo IMG_20160605_182352_zpspnskq9ff.jpg


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