RG 1/144 Build Strike Full Package

 photo 20161230_102000_zpsg7bovgd5.jpg

 photo 20161230_102050_zpsliyydvss.jpg

 photo 20161230_102018_zpsppuqhwkm.jpg

 photo 20161230_102418_zps5imdizjk.jpg

 photo 20161230_102748_zpsvqhf3y2s.jpg

 photo 20161230_103103_zpskkpb0gtp.jpg

 photo 20161230_103115_zpsjntqo3dd.jpg

 photo 20161230_103750_zpsbvr9genk.jpg

 photo 20161230_103657_zps5zgyok8h.jpg

 photo 20161230_104215_zpsoghmwvek.jpg

 photo 20161230_104301_zpsjxbws7c5.jpg

 photo 20161230_104553_zpsga5unzbv.jpg

 photo 20161230_104724_zps45kf533v.jpg

 photo 20161230_110059_zpsjarjhx94.jpg

 photo 20161230_110110_zpstb4jy9uo.jpg

 photo 20161230_110123_zpsyfkkz4uj.jpg

 photo 20161230_110144_zpsdwlgxuuu.jpg

 photo 20161230_110816_zpsc9swsdyk.jpg

 photo 20161230_111231_zps9qavl62r.jpg

 photo 20161230_114043_zpszgymjssf.jpg


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