RG Build Strike ~thoughts on it

While working on this kit, I did encounter a few issues. It was nothing really during the build it self. I encountered most of my issues during posing. The most frequent ones were the old problems that one encountered with the RG Aile Strike. Yunno, the front skirts popping off, the back skirts mimicking the front skirts, and of course the pack back weight issue. Of course it has its new issues due to the new parts. The feet are pegged in using a weird sort ankle joint that makes it taller then the RG Strike Gundam. The feet popping off in the middle of posing it and the foot flying off at the ankle joint certainly did not help matters.  That happened more times then it should of.  The arms some how got really weak. But I think it occurred though cause I decided to to try the out beam rifle only to find it was just to heavy for it. Old Arms frame failure aside….

 photo 20161230_103056_zpsfh7dj2ns.jpg

Got it to pose with the weapon closer to the body.  I only did that sort of pose once. I didn’t want to risk it wrecking the arm even more. The base Build Strike is pretty good. It is just when you add the bulkier attachments. Things become really limited of what you can do with it.

I didn’t forget that it uses Advanced MS Joint 3 frame (this is the inner frame, you place the armor pieces on) from the RG Aile.

 photo IMG_1167_zps9m4ebp19.jpg

But before this kit came out they had put out the RG 00 Qan[T] (pictured above), it uses the same inner frame that the RG Exia uses with of course its own frame parts for new arms for it. Thus improving stability of it when it wields that large buster sword, not to mention it comes with a stand to aid in protecting the joints in the arm holding that weapon. The RG Build Strike Full Package comes with nothing like this. I feel like it got the RG Sinanju treatment though (it is not as bad as that could be). It looks great, but the problem is it uses a frame with no supporting updates on it for heavier equipment it wields. I did most of my shots with it using the just beam rifle part. That was cause there was not much I could do with the enhanced beam rifle on it. I think I would of been able to get more out of it if it had a separate runner with new a arm mold with the equipment more in mind for the Build Strike. Nope, nothing like that there. Just old arms. So it was like building the RG aile Strike with a few different parts. So naturally it as all the same flaws. Normally if I like a kit enough. I will build as many times as I can to learn more about it. Nah, I’m not that impressed by this one. Some kits aren’t just meant for some people. This one was not up my alley.