MG Deathscythe~part 2

 photo 20161211_222450_zpsjmjn2doc.jpg

Painted the head. Kinda kept it close to the tv version color scheme. Added grey to break up the black some. I like the way it looks. The eyes came out pretty good.

 photo 20161212_010344_zpsq4mvrit9.jpg

The neck area part. I painted a black base and carefully sprayed white over it. It gives it a bit of shaded look.

 photo 20161212_011506_zpsm455tsam.jpg

The backpack I turned from a dark blue to white. The thrusters done in chrome silver. In the front of the backpack vents use the color too. With the surrounding part done in black.

 photo 20161212_013117_zpsest8vghj.jpg

The chest was pretty easy to paint. The parts were pretty easy to paint since it required very little masking for me to do. Still more painting to go. But so far it is coming along pretty smoothly.

 photo 20161212_232831_zpsgmzwjplj.jpg



MG Deathscythe ~ WIP

 photo 20161206_232200_zpse6vg0j5l.jpg

Just finished up doing my initial snap build of the Master Grade Deathscythe from the Glory of Losers manga. The design is different from the tv series one. While it still retains familiar gimmicks that the Deathscythe has. Like the  MG 1/100 scale XXXG-00W0 Wing Proto Zero I did last year. The plan for this one is to paint this kit in the tv color scheme. But I’m probably not going to do that, will at least be exactly with it.  I’m thinking of using black in the places with dark blue. The head, I’m still on the fence with. Might change the color or leave it exactly the same. I’m looking to try to squeeze in another Glory of Losers Model kit in after this. I do plan on building all of the mobile suits from this line that have regular releases in the Master Grade line. So be on the look out for the next one I do.

A little bit free from work.

My current job has been taken up a lot of my time these days but I do have some updates on models I have been working on. The RG Wing Gundam EW I started spray painting it a couple weeks back. I went with Italian Red for the red and a Dark Blue. I ended up running out of Dark Blue. So I am waiting to get more of it.

 photo IMG_20160328_045731_zps5lmbni2b.jpg

MG Exia, I ended starting up to relieve stress from work. I did encounter the loose joint problem with the ankles. I managed to stiffen joints there. I did paint most of the kit. What remains is the other weapons and pilot figure. Have to get batteries for the GN Drive. Plan on using LEDS for the chest and GN drive.

 photo IMG_20160407_231504_zpsmjqunh9u.jpg

I will not be able to post as much cause of my job. But I will update when I can and put up finished kits.

RG 1/144 Wing Gundam EW

Well I purchased the RG 1/144 Wing Gundam EW sometime after the New Year. I actually had plans to build two of these. One in good condition and another really wrecked looking. I was waiting a bit to snap this together then after so many days of bad weather. The MG Marasai project I was working on was slowed down horribly thanks to the snow storm we had here. I let my curiosity get the better of me. Then that is how I ended up snapping together the shield.

 photo IMG_20160127_091908_zpshfi6nrcv.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_092735_zpsogrjar9r.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_092743_zps3r1yg3bb.jpg

I like this shield. It holds the beam saber pretty well and doesn’t do the arm sag thing. Cause it is the right weight for the kit.

So of course I do not stop at the shield. I do the leg construction which is not much different from the RG Wing Zero EW legs. Which not surprising since they share the same frame.

 photo IMG_20160127_112045_zpswouapkaa.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_112141_zpsujsvcd2i.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_112700_zpssq0rhyfn.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_112830_zpscklkiu02.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_113230_zpsycsnqix1.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_114338_zpsqc1nxfnd.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_114552_zpscsnhyopf.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_114616_zpsyodk8zdn.jpg

The crotch was just the standard RG crotch assembly. Nothing to fancy here also no color changes at this point.

 photo IMG_20160127_121811_zpsdfueibf8.jpg

The chest is where it starts having different color parts from the Wing Zero EW. The Wing Gundam EW has yellow where in a spot where the Wing Zero Would have blue for the chest.

 photo IMG_20160127_132218_zpsgstgthnl.jpg

The vulcans on the shoulders have a bit of yellow on them. I did put them together but I’m not putting them in til I paint them.

So of course after the chest what do I do next… The Buster Rifle. I was curious to how it went together and just how long it was. The main part of it seems to piece together very easily. Just 2 parts on the inside some small grey hook piece and a large yellow piece in the middle. Add the other side.

 photo IMG_20160127_132218_zpsgstgthnl.jpg

And of course add the barrel.
 photo IMG_20160127_150114_zpsxigiaswn.jpg

And you got your rifle.

 photo IMG_20160127_150101_zpsnz5lizfh.jpg

Last part to go on the end of the rifle. This arm/head cover.

 photo IMG_20160127_150427_zpsimtaymgp.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_150528_zpsk0bdqunn.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_150553_zpsuvjsqiee.jpg

Then you can add the Rounds to rifle. The nubs here do not seem to be that bad. I had thought they might be a large hassle but not really.

 photo IMG_20160127_150848_zpsxxjnga49.jpg

Be careful when adding the rounds in. The fit is kinda tight and feels like it bends the plastic a little.

 photo IMG_20160127_151447_zpsusihdal1.jpg

So ok, now I finally move on to the arms on this kit. Which is much like Wing Zero EW again to a point.

 photo IMG_20160127_152952_zpsjksymfhc.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_153016_zpsnvq6wedg.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_153432_zpsugdxf5lw.jpg

It is neat that some parts on this kit come undergated.

 photo IMG_20160127_153740_zps9r4p6ei5.jpg

The Wing Gundam EW has yellow claws the Wing Zero EW does not have. These parts are very thin. They are also kind of flimsy, approach carefully.

 photo IMG_20160127_154844_zpshnflszr8.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_155149_zpsfp0yhcg3.jpg

It doesn’t take long to finish up both of the arms.

The backpack is also different. It sports different more flat backpack as opposed to the a more blocky one the Wing Zero has.

 photo IMG_20160127_181617_zpss0ow0kmc.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_181633_zpseifqh1hg.jpg

No angel wings on this MS. It just sports a different set of more bird like wings. Sorry for the upside down photo. I do not know why it came that way. but you can see all the movable parts in the inside of the Wings on this kit. That get stuffed between another blue Wing part.

 photo IMG_20160127_184225_zpsvsjbwdga.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_185230_zpsfrm4ewhl.jpg

I thought I was gonna have to deal with some pretty ugly nub marks here. But nothing like that happened at all.

 photo IMG_20160127_185403_zpsje0ttiou.jpg

 photo IMG_20160127_185756_zpss9acfj9a.jpg

The last few parts of the Wing. Just are some yellow pieces that go on the outside of the wing.

 photo IMG_20160127_191051_zpsw8n8u78x.jpg

Wings alll Ready.

 photo IMG_20160127_191207_zpsds7mrlwa.jpg

I actually snap in the backpack first. Then I put on the Wings. It felt like a simpler way to do it, instead of mounting everything on the backpack. Then it is all assembled minus a few parts I wanted to wait on adding. That buster rifle is soo long.

 photo IMG_20160127_215929_zpsnpnzissc.jpg

This kit also transforms, It is a nice simple one. It is also one of the many things I like about the Wing Gundam.

 photo IMG_20160128_013233_zpsbigo5pa7.jpg

This kit and Wing Zero are easy to place on action base since the RG Adapter clips right onto the backpack of this kit.

 photo IMG_20160128_020147_zpsnefqwxk3.jpg

 photo IMG_20160128_020211_zpsjnhv8ubr.jpg

This kit holds that large buster rifle pretty well. My kit doesn’t currently cause I stupidly miss cut the trigger hand that this holds. The Drei Zwerg kit does work with this kit. But it does add a ton of weight to it. You can’t mount the Drei Zwerg on the additional rifle rounds like the manga without some kind modification. So it does make a bit difficult to give it a hawk talon look in bird mode. This is though my favorite kit of the Wing Gundam EW so far.