MG Deathscythe ~ WIP

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Just finished up doing my initial snap build of the Master Grade Deathscythe from the Glory of Losers manga. The design is different from the tv series one. While it still retains familiar gimmicks that the Deathscythe has. Like the  MG 1/100 scale XXXG-00W0 Wing Proto Zero I did last year. The plan for this one is to paint this kit in the tv color scheme. But I’m probably not going to do that, will at least be exactly with it.  I’m thinking of using black in the places with dark blue. The head, I’m still on the fence with. Might change the color or leave it exactly the same. I’m looking to try to squeeze in another Glory of Losers Model kit in after this. I do plan on building all of the mobile suits from this line that have regular releases in the Master Grade line. So be on the look out for the next one I do.

Updates: Projects

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Figure Rise Standard Frieza

HGUC 1/144 F91 Gundam F91

Finished Up:

HGUC 1/144 RX-93 Nu Gundam

I am looking to get another Figure Rise Standard  or Bust Kit. The line has caught my interest a bit. Not sure if I am working on anything else well at least this month. That will not be a quick build. Though I might do a few of them.


Getting back at it again.

I haven’t been as regular with my updates, due to the fact. I have just been busy dealing with other things going on in my life. I was working on my GBWC entry before I had some problems come up in my family.  I am just trying to get back on track now. Anyways I am in the process of finishing up the Origin Char’s Zaku II and starting work on my 1st commission build.  The way the Origin Char’s Zaku II is coming along was fine then I added some of the stickers. I think I might just remove some of them from the kit. Well the ones I feel look the most obnoxious to me. I still gotta finish up the weapons.

The Master Gundam is going through the construction phase right now. Once I put it together I will figure out all that I am doing to it. I have some ideas I want to implement on it.  After the Master Gundam is done I can then start work on Fuunsaiki. Which might take me a bit to figure out how I am going to mod it.

Later down the line before the end of the year, I am planning on doing an SD and doing some kits I have owned before to see how much my work has changed. Which I will run a poll for.

HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai WIP 2

Got the chance to work on this some more. So I got the back thrusters done and did do some seam work on the legs. I still have to top coat it. This is all I’ve done so far.

I did do work on the seams on the legs. This photo is before I did the other leg.

Well just have to topcoat, I still have to do the weapons. But it is going well so far.

First P-Bandai kit HGUC X1 Kai and more Freedom Gundam WIP.

Finally arrived in the mail today from Gentei Kits. Probably will not use the cloak that came with this though. Still wish this one was the regular release of the X1 but oh well.

Well with the HGCE Freedom I did some painting. I have the feet painted and the shoulder vents done. I did how ever forget to deal with the rail gun seams.

I kept the face pretty simple and I chromed the vulcuns on the chest.

Added a little gold to the arms and legs. For some extra detail.

So far this hasn’t been too bad. I still have to do the Wings and weapons. Still am impressed with this kit.

Unicorn Gundam GPB-D Color

This idea came from Gunpla Builders Beginning D. It was a custom gunpla color scheme I took notice and made me want to get a HGUC Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode. It took me a bit to  recolor the frame pieces and add black to some areas. The color scheme is Nu Gundam like.




Beam Rifle:

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam GPB-D Color:

The GN Drives and the rest of the RG 00 Gundam

Last time I painted and placed the stickers on the head. I did some work on the GN Drives. The GN Drives have a small grey part the cases the outside of a clear green part. That grey part I painted it gunmetal. The green part I did in a metallic green. The GN Drive itself was spray painted white. Then of course I put on the stickers that go on the GN Drives.

The GN Sword II were painted in gunmetal. The clear parts were painted with a clear blue and I did do a bit of detail on them. The Blades were spray painted white. I did lose some of the stickers that go on these blades. Sometime during my travels between home and work somehow. I might just remove the other stickers.

In natural light.

The rest of the white on the body has been spray painted. I am hung up on the blue at the moment.

I am trying to give a look sort of like it has in Extreme Vs. Full Boost. I am just not sure what color or brand will give me my desired effect I am after.