Lurking in the works.

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Just some updates of what  has been going on. I have a MG Crossbone Gundam X1 ver ka, just have been keeping the kit pretty simple. No mods to it really. Looking to finish it up in a couple weeks.

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I did purchase a Gouf Revive. Which is almost done. The seams that the shoulder armor did have. I have removed them from it. The kit is at a point that it just needs a topcoat put on it.
The Shizouka hobby recently ended revealing some interesting kits this year. I was completely impressed with the Hyaku shiki revive. So I am planning on building that. I’ve been waiting since the Qubeley was annouced to get this. I am still not sure if I want the RG Sinanju or not yet. While it is neat that kit uses a plated gold and gloss red for parts. I do not think I am that big of a fan of the suit. I am on the fence about that one.

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The Hyaku Shiki revive on the other hand. Is looking awesome. It doesn’t really need to be gold plated. I am glad they are using some of the gimmicks from the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0. The interchangable heads are pretty cool. I am soo using the search mode face. Overall the show was not too bad at all. Still have a Force Impulse to get and a Gyan.

Cause my work schedule has me soo busy. I am going to change the way stuff works on here soon. The update posts may be a bit less now. The way finished kits go up will remain the same. The posts about WIP and Etc. Are going to shrink a bit. Cause it will be simpler for me to maintain. I so far though do not plan on changing the Layout at all though.

HGUC X1 Kai Weapons WIP

Just some of the work I have done so far on the weapons of the HGUC X1 Kai.

Buster Gun:

Beam Zanber:


Beam Sabers:

Screw Whip:

All the weapons, are pretty much done some do need some touch up. Still am figuring out whether I’m going to use the cloak it came with, use the cloak from my old X-1, figure out a new cloak, or not use it at all.

HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai WIP 2

Got the chance to work on this some more. So I got the back thrusters done and did do some seam work on the legs. I still have to top coat it. This is all I’ve done so far.

I did do work on the seams on the legs. This photo is before I did the other leg.

Well just have to topcoat, I still have to do the weapons. But it is going well so far.

HGUC Crossbone X-1 Kai WIP 1

Started work on the 1/144 HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai. I do the usual snap build. Then I start taking it apart and begin coloring it.

I paint the red areas of the head first, so I do not have a difficult time trying get these spots with color later on. I then spray paint these two pieces.

While I was waiting for the out side of the face to dry. I do the lining of the face and paint the eyes. I go with a solid color here, no metallic for eyes or combination of paint and sticker here.

The outside of the head pieces have finished drying. So I can put the head back together and move on to the body. I will have photos of the head and body work up next time. Til then later.

more HGCE Freedom WIP

Been a bit behind but I did some work on the wings of the Freedom. I hand painted the dark section of the wing a german grey color. Then I did the Blue part of the wing with a spray paint. Unfortunately I ran out of paint so this was the only part I did get done.

I did the beam rifle. I painted the trim around white section of the beam rifle in a dark blue and the gun sections in a natural steel color.

So far it has been going alright. I’ve run into few bumps but that is just mainly an issue with supplies. Just need a little resupply and it will be finished.

HGCE 1/144 Freedom Gundam (Revive) -WIP

I just recenty started work on the HGCE 1/144 Freedom Gundam. I did the usual eye work and trimmed the V-fin.

Eyes were pretty simple to do.

Unlike the RX-78-2, I do not botch the v-fin that much.

I decided to try out a color experiment this time around. Using a solid purple spray paint. After it dried I went over with a bit of metallic blue. It doesn’t look that bad so I tried it out on the actual piece I intended to color.

The Front of it looks like it came out alright. The back of it looks like it came out a bit too shiny.

I painted the other areas and put it back together. I did paint the vents and vulcans with a chrome paint. The dark section is a german grey. It adds a little pop to the brighter areas.

Unicorn Gundam GPB-D Color

This idea came from Gunpla Builders Beginning D. It was a custom gunpla color scheme I took notice and made me want to get a HGUC Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode. It took me a bit to  recolor the frame pieces and add black to some areas. The color scheme is Nu Gundam like.




Beam Rifle:

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam GPB-D Color: