1/144 SCALE RG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam from Otaku Mode

I am restarting my Real Grade Gundam collection. I used to have a quite a bit of them, but bills occurred and I ended up parting with all of my Real Grade kits. The RG Zeta is the 1st kit that arrived of that project. I managed to snag this at decent price from a shop called Otaku Mode. I actually came across the shop through my usual browsing through the web. I spotted a good deal and decided to try this place out. The shipping actually was not that bad on my order. Usually shipping costs from the west coast make me cringe. The Zeta Gundam was shipped in good a pace and it just arrived today.

The box it arrived in is a clam shell box. But it was taped up very well and did not feel like the kit traveled free to break itself.

Upon opening a box I am greeted by this nice manila folder with a message on it. Thanking me for my purchase. But that is not all it was.

There is also a nice artwork of a maid on back of it, a postcard, and a button inside. I actually did not expect any of that to be inside of the package. The quality of the items is actually not too bad for freebies.

The Zeta was snugly packaged in bubble wrap and was secured pretty well in there. It was not like I deal with 20 layers protective wrap to get it out. Also was glad it was not shipped bare like some sellers I have purchased from have done to me.

The box has no signs of damage and I did look inside no broken parts either. I do have referral link that gets you $5 off a purchase from them. You also get $10 bonus for signing up through this link.


They do sell items other then models as well. So feel free to check it out. Let me know about your experience.